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Your Complete Training for Turning Your Anxiety to Serenity with practical transferable teaching skills. Learn exactly how to release your stress, tension and fear with skill sets that will enable you to share your knowledge with your clients and generate sales.

The 30-Day Anxiety to Serenity Course

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What is The Anxiety to Serenity Program?

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30-day Anxiety to Serenity Transformation Course

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"I'm gearing up to help you reconnect into your body so that you can finally access your innate wisdom, safety, and calm."

- Patience Hemenway


The Serenity Program is a hybrid system that combines all learning styles. You’ll learn, step-by-step, how to live a life you have always dreamed of starting with SELF


live audio


Get an in-depth overview of what it takes to turn your unique story and experiences of anxiety and stress into a life of tranquility beyond human understanding. You’ll learn extensive insight, in the private Facebook group, on each weeks topic and have an opportunity to chat live and have questions answered during the session.

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private one-on-one

coaching session

Join Patience Hemenway in a private call to discuss the challenges you are facing concerning the training material and strategies for how to implement and execute. These strategy sessions are used to measure growth and review module assignments. This program includes one strategy session


weekly program modules

You will also receive a companion guide complete with space for notetaking, worksheets and checklists as a PDF download, which is yours to keep! Modules are self-paced and are used to reinforce and reflect upon the topics and strategies discussed each week.



Take a closer look at what you’re going to get inside the program

We’ll hold your hand each week to ensure that you’re in total Serenity mode. We give you all the important elements you need to unsubscribe from anxiety once and for all and to live you have always dreamed of. Below is the roadmap we help you deploy for your own successful tranquility journey.






You agree with me that all humans breathe despite age, race, gender or socioeconomic backgrounds, Yes, Yes? As we go through life, we are faced with lots of experiences and challenges, this causes us to move from the way God created us to breathe and we now breathing sub-optimally, ineffectively and dysfunctional. In week one of this Serenity Transformation, I will guide you through accessing your breathing style as it is the vehicle we will need on this journey.

week two



(POP) -

A place of peace is where all humans strive to be, but most of us are so disconnected from our bodies that we tend to focus on things outside of ourselves to feel safe, like money, partners, career, or our home environment. The truth is that your body is the safest place to be. In week two, I will guide you into your Place of Peace.

week three


In a world where everyone is rushing and feeling the need to keep going, we tend to carry a lot of tension in our body. We also tend to live in resistance, and we forget that what we resist will persist. It's time to be still, it's time surrender. In week three, I will guide you through breathwork to uncover the true power in stillness.

week FOUR


Did you know that when your eyes move, your mind moves and when your mind moves? There is a lot of distraction going on all around us. These distractions are meant to steal our focus for our divine true self. In week four we are going to get into ourselves and see our true selves, our eternal selves. We will use the breath to help you hone in on all that you wish to BE, to DO and to HAVE through the eyes of faith.

week five


You will agree with me that transformation does take time. It took years for the effects of negative emotions to bring us to this point of anxiety, this means we must put in the time and understand that transformation and healing are not destinations. Every emotion is directly linked to an organ which manifest in physical symptoms. The work is constant. In week four we will use breathwork to practice cleansing, removing of negative energies from our organs and circulation of positive healing thriving energies into them.

week six


You are the queen and master of this temple called the body. You are responsible for the physical, emotional and spiritual upkeep of this magnificent temple. In this module, we will look at ways to support the different organs in our body with physical and spiritual nutrition.

Are you ready to knock this out of the park?


What are the benefits of breathwork?

The benefits of Breathwork are enormous: The effects of breath are felt instantly on the very first try unlike other methods that take months to even years. You will experience immediate stress reduction & anxiety relief. Connect with your emotions and respond instead of reacting to them. Heal, repair and revitalize your organs. Reintroduces you to your higher power. eliminates toxins in your body & provides an energetic release. More energy and mental clarity. Deepens your relationship to your body. Release trauma that has been stuck in your system for years.

Are there side effects to Breathwork?

Breathwork is a completely safe practice; however, deep breathing exercise also have many side effects such as sleepiness, light-headache, hand and face tingling sense and altered consciousness, emotions come up. Many people exercise deep breathing regularly without experiencing any bad effects. If you get those side effect feeling which make you not comfort just leave that deep breathing and simply practice normal breathing. Too fast or too often deep breathing can cause hyperventilation that is very dangerous negative effects. If you want to practice the deep breathing exercise better do it slow to avoid the negative side effect. The body will respond in physical ways that may seem odd, your body may shake, move around, or you’ll feel the need to scream. This is all part of the energetic release.


Is breathwork safe for pregnancy?

Breathwork is highly recommended prenatal to allow for the release of past trauma and to create a healthy energetic environment for the baby, as well as postnatal. It is not recommended for pregnant women. The practice can create intense emotionality within the system, which may create emotional disruption for the baby. Breathwork is safe to use when breastfeeding.


I have asthma, is this safe for me?

If you have any medical conditions or are currently taking medication, please consult your doctor before starting breathwork. Medical conditions may include, but are not limited to, asthma, high blood pressure, depression, kidney disease, heart disease, anxiety and chronic panic attacks.


What is the frequency of Breathwork?

Breathwork is completely safe to do every single day, or twice a day. However, you want to first ask yourself, “What is my intention for my practice?” Ask yourself the why behind wanting to complete the practice. There are absolutely no downsides for increasing the duration of your sessions or the number of sessions completed on a weekly basis.


No Refund Policy After 7-Days: This course is 100% digital so there are no refunds after the initial

trial period. We believe immediate action, commitment and follow-though creates energy and

momentum. We've found that clients who don't have the option to back out of their commitments

get much better results. Our digital delivery enables us to help you move forward and get started

on your goals once the program kicks off without waiting on snail mail. So - if you're committed to

working with Patience Hemenway, register. If you're not committed to changing your life and live in bliss, we encourage you to still enroll, but please note that there are absolutely,

positively no refunds after 7-days. Payments made are non-transferable to another program.